Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Waiting for Comps Results

Last week I took my senior comprehensive exams. The Literature and Language department at UNCA believes that seniors need these tests to review everything they've learned. Along with writing a senior thesis and presenting that, seniors also take an exam that lasts around six hours. I just hope I passed.
My husband had been in the hospital for three days leading up to the test. I hadn't been studying very much until the last couple of days. I neglected my other work. Then I got really sick with the flu and a bronchial infection. I didn't realize how sick I was until I got home from the test. My temperature was 100 degrees.
Now I have to wait for the test results which is torture. I REALLY hope I passed!
I also got some exciting news: I was selected to present four of my poems at Virginia Military Institute's Fourth Annual Poetry Symposium. Brian Turner, an Iraq War Veteran poet, is the primary presenter. I read some of his work online and have one of his books waiting for me at the school library too.
I also got a hand-jotted rejection note from a literary magazine I respect and love. It was nice to actually get a note written by one of their editors.
I also am hoping to possibly collaborate on an exciting project with some paintings that I love by a wonderful artist whom I respect.
I hope to keep this blog better updated. Now that comps and my thesis are over I have more time to write. The comps are out of my hands for now; I have to try to let it go because there's nothing I can do for now.