Friday, March 19, 2010

Introductory Blog Written Before My Coffee Has Cooled Down Sufficiently

This is my first posting on this blog so I figured I would begin with the obvious introduction. My first cup of strong, black, Costa Rican coffee is cooling in front of me, not yet sufficiently cool enough to take the first sip. This is tantalizing. I am a hardcore coffee drinker. Since this is the first thing I do every day, besides the obvious like brushing my teeth, it seems like a good place to start. Okay, had the first sip.
I am a writer and I decided I needed a blog. I think blogs are supposed to be specialized. My topic is pretty broad, writing. I am a non-traditional student (I am thirty) majoring in Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. I hope to attend graduate school to receive my MFA in Creative Writing (I have heard it can be useless, but refuse to listen to reason on this matter). After this semester of undergraduate work I have a year to go. My primary focus is poetry, but I love to write most anything, other than academic papers, which I am tormented by. I will likely write on this blog when I should be writing academic papers.
After getting accepted into one of the dozen or so grad programs I want to apply for, hopefully, I would like to work in publishing. Don't judge me! I love to edit and read just about anything. I also want to make a little bit of money as I pursue my writing. Last time I checked poets didn't have anything considered a "salary." I am also interested in book design and learning more about every aspect of publishing. Of course I'd love to write The Great American Novel or a weekly column, or just about anything else.
I have been married for ten years to an insanely supportive man. I have often questioned his sanity due to him supporting my writing so vehemently. If I have false confidence and bravado it stems from his stubborn declarations of my word prowess. He is my ideal reader and I often bounce ideas off of him during revision. I don't think he really identifies himself as a "writer," but one day we hope to collaborate on his memoir. He has had a fascinating life, and will probably be mentioned frequently in this blog. Yes, we are one of "those" couples: madly in love, together as much as possible, best friends, and partners in crime.
Well, I have finished my first cup of coffee. I am off to pursue the rigors of academic life before I go to work this evening. I am excited to begin this new venture. I think it will be interesting. If this post does not dazzle with brilliance, blame it on the slow processing of my morning caffeine. Just wait until I have had too much coffee at midnight sometime...that's when I truly dazzle!

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  1. Discovered your blog today through your comment on Jody Hedlund's site. Left a comment on your most recent post and was intrigued enough to come here to your first post while I have my morning coffee.

    I like the introduction to your blog and yourself. You have a lot of writing aspirations, but it sounds like you have the will and spirit to accomplish them.

    I like to follow new blogs and give a boost in your numbers because I know how it is when your first starting. I talk about this in my post for today.

    If you ever want to practice editing I welcome editing comments on my blog posts. I have told readers they could do this but nobody ever does either because they don't want to offend me or my writing is so perfect that it doesn't need editing (yeah, right!). In any case I hope you will check out my blog--I have quite a few readers who may like to migrate over to your site as well and many of those are poets as well). I will continue to watch your progress.