Saturday, March 20, 2010

Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

It's the first day of spring. Unfortunately this coincides with a maddening time in the semester.
I have so many things that I need to write! I decided to take a break from it and write here. I have written three poems for my workshop in as many days, none of which I am satisfied with, and I am working on critiques of other's poetry. I also need to start one of my research papers. I am excited about it because it is on Toni Morrison's Sula. She is one of my favorite writers. I am also a little intimidated; all of these years as a lit major and I've never written a research paper on an entire novel.
I am actually feeling a little blocked. I am distracted by so many things. Not the least of which is my new blog...I am in that mode where I just want to read a bunch, maybe do some research, and not write anything for a few days. Yet here I am. I am compelled. I just wish I could focus, but there is a nice spring breeze coming through my office window. Spring fever, a major cliché, especially considering I usually hate this time of year. I get allergies, the time change screws me up, the weather shifts in the mountains are brutal, and other people being so happy that it's spring all serve to throw me off.
It is not the ideal time to be holed up in my office aggravating what feels like the beginnings of carpal tunnel. Plus my house is kind of a mess. I think all writers need a studio away from the distractions of housework and that people should bring them cooked meals. Oh to go to a writer's colony. There I would not be blocked. I would not need a couple of days off. Perhaps I should just ignore my laundry, clear the bills off of my desk and put them on hubby's instead, and get back to work?

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